Welcome to OILI Service!

OILI is an enrolment and registration service for students. If you are a new student, you can enrol at your higher education institution using OILI after accepting the study place in the Studyinfo service. If you are a continuing student, you can enrol in OILI for the next academic year.

After you have logged into the service, complete the enrolment form for your higher education institution. University students may also pay the obligatory student union membership fee and other voluntary fees to student unions using OILI. After you have made the payment, you should wait until the Paytrail online payment service redirects you to the OILI service. OILI will forward your enrolment information and payment details for the student union to the higher education institution where you enrolled.

Are you a new student? If you have already accepted your study place in Studyinfo and want to enrol at the higher education institution, you should log into the My Studyinfo for enrolment. If you already received the right to study last year, but have registered as absent for the first academic year, follow the instructions for continuing students.

If you are a continuing student and would like to enrol as an attending or non-attending student, go to the registration service for continuing students.

If you have any questions about the service or you have problems with the service, you should contact the higher education institution where you are enrolling.